Thursday, September 22, 2011

Streets of Pondicherry

At junctions, key behavior for vehicles is to drive without slowing down while honking all the way through.

Speaking of honking, most autos have got a rubber horn that says oink oink, instead of a normal one. The sound of Pondicherry: oink oink

The street of Pondicherry are provocatively clean.

Seems you can get by speaking french here. First thing that happened when we arrived at 6.30 in the morning was that the auto driver didn't want to take us to the beach and Alliance Française where we had (rightfully) thought Dumas guest house would be situated. Instead he took us to a guest house a few blocks up and refused to leave. We showed him the map and told him to go where we wanted to. This is where the french-speaking begun and he woke up the manager of that other guest house. For some reason, I don't know which, he wanted me to talk to him. In french, the manager was angry to have been woken up and I said we wanted to go to the beach. But it is expensive at the beach, he said. "Err, well ..." I said. "We want the Dumas guest house". But that costs 2000 a night, he said. "Err, well ..." I said. After convincing them on our relative wealth, the auto driver finally took us to this nice place.

And just now, Bobo saw a kid sitting in the front of a motorcycle, staying on by holding his driving father's ears.

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