Monday, September 19, 2011

12.9.11 15:50 MUMTIME; On a train (leaving Thane station)

So, traveling by train in Europe, I have among other things paid attention to different kinds of soap solutions. Grinder, foam etc. Just went to the Indian train toilet, well ha, ha! No, really I am happy about the hole in the floor "indian toilet" rather than sitting where ...

Saw a lot of rats in Lokmanyatilak Train Terminus, and stray dogs, including a limping puppy escaping the big ones who were barking. Like, omg it was cute! It escaped through an opening in the tin wall.

Children were begging for money and food by poking us. A man sitting on a rolling board poked Bobo but luckily enough he didn't tap me nor Jenny. We gave a kid some coins but even after that she wanted to have my newly bought samosa that I were en train de manger. Staring, begging.

We're on a train now yeah. For the next 12h. Bought chai when we got on, didn't buy anything else. Will hopefully be able to buy food (biryani?) later.

Oh yeah, and this: Walking the LTT platform in Mumbai trying to find, well, a station building or ... whatever: it is full of people and then: another western traveller/backpacker, so we meet in a mutual ... "hello".

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