Tuesday, September 20, 2011

15-16.9.11 Palolem Beach in Goa

[Hans and Adriana had been in Palolem, Goa the weekend before meeting us in Gokarna and they wanted us to see it and for us to try the fish at the beach restaurant. So we changed plans and left Gokarna already on Thursday. Palolem was really nice, we stayed in a really cool place and waves were really high but when looking at my notes from that day, I begin to wonder what Goa really does to you. The notes are short, rudimentary and hardly readable. When reading them I also remember being totally slow in the brain. Must have been the one beer I drank, an exception, as we have been very sober during this trip. Every menu is full of fresh non-alcoholic drinks, our standard is lime soda sweet AND salt which is perfect for regaining salt balances after hot day. Anyway, Goa was full of Germans/other Europeans and I bet is a bitch at high season. Here are my notes:]

15.9.11 15:45 At Dropadi bar
Waiting for lunch just want to say: pretty low odds on meeting someone we know here ...


15.9.11 22:56 Bhakti Kutir
This place is so nice but there are SO many mosquito, had some free time before dinner, wanted to spend it outside, on the nice clay porch but ... had to go hide under my mosquito net. Still off season, Goa feels very touristy, lots and lots of Europeans and yeah ...

Leaving for Hampi tomorrow.

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