Monday, September 19, 2011

12.9.11 10:40 MUMTIME; Hotel in Mumbai, near the airport

So far, it hasn't been too warm, due to hotel A/C I guess. Normally freezing most of the time, arriving in a moist warmth was very welcoming.

We stayed at quite a fancy hotel this first night, well tempered and with a 24h restaurant (!) The real challenge (?) is coming soon I guess, as we're getting out of here and on a train to Gokarna. Will not change clothes yet but gonna wear this piece of cloth 'til it's completely marinated in me. Anyway we're only traveling. The man next to me on the plane (N.B I'm not referring to Bobo but to the man in the other side of the aisle [this comment was added on Bobo's request]) smelled of S-W-E-A-T so why can't I? And as I said: no sweating for me so far.

Time for a shower!

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