Monday, September 19, 2011

13.9.11 1:12 on a train towards Gokarna

One thing that strikes me is the absence of western culture and the absolute presence of Indian such. This is my first time outside of Europe so I hope that my instant naive findings will be excused. About Europe, having travelled around a bit has shown me different places and what at first glance could be accused of being astonishingly great differences in culture. Really, they're just facets of western culture and are all climbing the same ladder.

I don't know what I expected but one thing that has surprised me (n.b. "surprised" as opposed to "disappoint") the most so far (26h since arrival) is the renounce of western aspirations. Most women wear saris or other indian type of clothing and all of the musical ring tones we have heard on the train (and they were many!) has been Indian music.

Children's school uniforms though; shirt and tie, neat and all but not similar to what the parents who were holding their hands through Mumbai traffic were wearing.

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