Monday, September 19, 2011

14.9.11 night time; Namaste yoga farm, Kutle beach, Gokarna

The no 1 most definite most useful item I've packed that I'd never thought of myself: flashlight (at the moment, writing, I wish it was a head lamp). From around 7:30 pm it's pitch black outside and here in Kutle beach there is practically no "street" lights and on top of that electricity is on/off. Right now it is off for the 6th and longest time tonight (Oliver, the German manager at this place told us they (whoever produces the electricity here in seaside Karnataka) sell the electricity to Goa because they will pay better).

I'll wait showering until tomorrow morning when sun's up.

I will soon go to bed but first some writing and my night cocktail (Resorb) on the porch. It's windy and almost chilly but not quite. Humid and gentle is what it is.


22:20 pm
We're getting up at 7 am tomorrow, going for breakfast at 7:30 at the beach, our favourite and sort of nearest restaurant Namaste Rock Café. We had planned to stay here in Gokarna until Friday but decided to go to Palolem in south Goa for one night before heading for heading towards Hampi.

We're trying to catch the 10:30 train from Gokarna to Palolem, or Cancona which is the nearest train station. Actually the train station where someone almost fooled us into getting off last night when we were on the train here!

The thing was we were supposed to arrive here at 4 am but the train conductor informed us at 3:30 am we were one hour late so I went back to sleep (I had only slept for like one hour before that also). But then, at 4 am some other man, god knows who, with a paper that said "Gokarna Rd 28,29,30" (our seat numbers) rushed to Bobo and told him to get of in a hurry 'cause it was time. Bobo woke us both up, we all tried grabbing our bags, Jenny hadn't gotten her shoes on. I took two bags, ran and got stuck in a door. Bobo had gotten off and as the train started rolling again the conductor, who was also on the platform told him (I suppose quite surprised) to GET ON AGAIN, as it was 40 min 'til our stop.

Well, that was in Cancona. We will give it another try.

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