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Jag skrev ihop några Bukaresttips (och ett hostel i Braşov) till en kompis men jag kan ju lika gärna klistra in dem här också. Enjoy Romania!


On arrival: Get a map. And preferably some kind of restaurant guide or expat leaflet, to get restaurant tips etc.

Transportation is really cheap. If you arrive by train you will probably come to Gara de Nord. It's also a Metro stop. You can buy a 10 travels pass for 8 RON. A taxi ride in city centre is around 8-10 RON.

Motore is a bar on the roof of the National Theatre, metro stop Piata Universitate. If you're in front of the theatre, the entrance is on the left, you enter and go by lift to the third floor (or sth), and then use the stairs. It's a must!

In the park Gradina Cismigiu there are some cafés/bars where one can have a drink, it's a really nice area.

One night we went (by taxi) to a reggae club/bar in Parcul Herastrau, enter from Piata Charles de Gaulle. It was really nice. I don't know about opening hours/days though. Ask around.

[UPDATE 2011-12-29 I've heard that this place no longer exists]For non-alcoholic drinks, tea to be accurate, there is this really, really nice tea garden where you sit under the figue trees drinking various teas and eating Romanian desserts. I don't remember the name of the place but it's situated in the corner of the streets Bocsa and Popa Rusu (the area a bit north east from Piata Universitate). It's quite popular so reserving a table is recommended but if you're not a very large group maybe you're lucky or they're able to squeeze you in.

Café Verde, an ecological café with delicious food and a lovely garden is situated on street Domnita Ruxandra no 15, east of Piata Romana.

For traditional Romanian food and and a beautiful setting you can visit the beer hall Caru cu bere, from 1875. Address: Stavropoleos St. 5. Metro Universitatii Web site:

There are plenty of hostels around Bucharest, I stayed at a nice one, about 10-15 min walk from Gara de Nord. Bunk beds, Internet, breakfast (toast, butter, jam, coffee/tea) included. Friends Hostel on Mircea Vulcanescu no 114. Phone no +40 723230064


Rolling Stone Hostel
From train station, take bus 51 to Piata Unirii. Immediately turn to the right and then right again and you'll see a chockingly purple house, where it is! Bunk beds, Internet, breakfast (as above) included, very friendly, arranged tours, Bear Watch (!!). 10-11 EUR/night


Café Verde

Caru cu bere


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