Tuesday, September 20, 2011

18.9.11 17:12 Hampi, Shanti Guest house

This place is so nice and relaxed and we're really enjoying every bit of it, with a swing outside our door and everything (lying on it right now, relaxing, the other's on the patio) but oh my god the food here's not really good and worse, service is SO SLOW you wouldn't believe it. Lunch took us approx. 3h whereas 2,5 was waiting for the drinks, food or for them to letting us know there is no penne (but spaghetti). Because it's low season (at least I hope it'll change) there is only one cook and that's just crazy because we're quite a bunch here and that's not just us seven.

There is also this Israeli people here who today at breakfast/lunch were approached by a man trying to cast some of the (not so middle eastern looking) guys for a film setting in Chennai where they would play American soldiers (!). He came here to look for Israeli guys because they are good with weapons due to there long and recently finished military service. ... Yada yada yada, finally after some long and entertaining haggling the least reluctant guy decided not to go, it seemed a bit to weird and long of a trip. But like yeah ...

Anyway so today we wanted to leave this side of the river quite early, to be on the right.side for tonight when our train leaves and also to avoid eating here and instead at The Mango Tree in Hampi (near all the temples and such). Yesterday we had the best momos there and some incredible ginger lime lassi. Unfortunately the river rose to much so there are no "ferries" (quotation marks will be.explained by pictures as I come home/upload them) today and we will have to go the loooong way around, which is 40 km longer. We'll be going to Hospet soon, in a jeep we found on the village street here. As I said we're seven and we would probably need three autos (rickshaws) to fit us. So finding the jeep was a blessing (inshallah!).

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